#2 Tip for Better Health

Start a Food Journal! Keeping a Food Journal for 90 days will help you identify areas in your diet that need improvement. You can buy one or create your own – I recommend one that tracks not just calories, but also the breakdown of protein, carb, fiber, sugar, and fat.

A Food Journal is helpful from 2 aspects:
– Accountability – “Do I want to have to write down that candy bar?”
– Insight into hidden sources of empty carbs such as sugar – “I didn’t know juice had THAT much sugar!”

As you become aware of the components of the foods you eat you can make informed decisions such as replacing a cup of juice with a whole apple so you get the fiber along with the sugar, or choosing the loaf of bread with the higher carb to fiber ratio.

This does require a time commitment, but the positive results you will see as you learn and make improvements are well worth the time invested!



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