Calcium Count

Excellent post about actually calcium requirements and the excellent plant sources available. Of course the dairy industry wants you to believe we need 3 servings of dairy each day, but please keep in mind that we are the only species that consumes dairy after weening and animals don’t suffer from the rates of osteoperosis that humans do!

Thanks Karen!! ❤

Carrots Don't Scream When You Boil Them


Got Milk? I know you’ve probably all heard that ad by now. Here’s the thing that the dairy industry doesn’t want people to know; you don’t need to get your calcium from milk, and, you don’t need a lot of calcium! The Institute of Medicine recommends 1,000 milligrams of calcium daily for adults. This is based on the assumption that we only absorb about 30% of the calcium in the foods we eat. Research has shown that we actually only need around 250 to 300 milligrams per day. If you’d like to shift your focus from total calcium to calcium absorbed, check out the info below.

1 cup fortified orange juice            300 mg total calcium                108 mg calcium absorbed

1 cup turnip greens                       196 mg total calcium                 102 mg calcium absorbed

1 cup plain yogurt                          300 mg total calcium                 96 mg calcium absorbed

1 cup cow’s milk                             300 mg total…

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How can I be 40?? I’m not old enough!

Crazy thing – it seems that despite my best efforts to deny it, according to the calendar I’m 40 today. I keep thinking to myself, “But I don’t feel old enough to be 40!”

That’s the thing with aging – age really is just a state of mind. While we can take some measures to slow the deterioration of the body and mind, eventually we start seeing those signs – the crows feet, sagging skin, grey hairs, the “senior moments”… But it seems that the core of who we are, what some call our soul, is not necessarily on the same clock. You’ve heard the saying “young at heart” – a youthfulness that defies our chronological age. My husbands grandmother once said when she was in her 90’s “I still feel the same on the inside as when I was 18”. It is this inner youth that can make us feel at odds with what the calendar tells us.

So I officially vow to stop living by the calendar. Don’t tell me I’m too old for that – I will laugh at you and do it anyway! It was just 2 weeks ago that I was ziplining over Bootleg Canyon and in a couple more weeks I’ll be running my next half marathon! I’m a firm believer in the use-it-or-lose-it philosphy, so I’m going to keep on using my mind and body to accomplish amazing things as long as they will let me.

My birthday will not be the ticking timebomb that some people associate their birthdays with, but a day to celebrate all of the amazing things I have accomplished, a day to set new goals and dream new dreams, and a day to surround myself with all of the wonderful people in my life… or maybe I’ll just snuggle up on the sofa with my husband, my 2 cats, a slice of birthday cake, and a good movie like last year and do all that other stuff tomorrow… 🙂