The Gerson Miracle

Featuring Charlotte Gerson (daughter of Max Gerson) and her work. Max Gerson developed the Gerson Therapy which has been used to treat and cure many patients diagnosed as terminal (they report a 50% success rate). This therapy uses a plant-based diet, high nutrient juices, supplements, and detoxifying enemas to re-build the immune system and flush toxins out of the body. Charlotte has continued her father’s work along with her son and is the founder of the Gerson Institute in California and the first Gerson clinic in Mexico (it is illegal in the US to treat cancer with any method other than chemotherapy, radiation or surgery). Includes interviews with patients who have reversed their diseases and are now back to full health!

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A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy: Max Gerson’s final book with info on how the therapy works including 50 case histories



The Everything Juicing Book

A great book for all juicing enthusiasts, beginners and veterans! Informational topics covered include Nutrients, Benefits of Juicing, Choosing a Juicer, and Ingredients. Next the recipes are grouped into chapters such as Juicing for Detoxing and Cleansing, Juicing for Energy and Stamina, Fighting Infections, and Helping Your Digestive Disorders. Well organized content makes this book fun to read! Pick it up and browse through it a bit and you will soon find yourself in front of the juicer trying a delicious new concoction!


Juicing vs. Blending

Many people ask, “Should I be juicing or blending?” The answer depends on the benefits you desire.

If you are trying to get more produce in your diet, blending is a good option that provides an easy-to-consume way to get the whole fruit and veggie into your body, giving you all the nutrients AND the fiber. The fiber slows the impact of the sugars into your bloodstream and is essential for healthy digestion.

If you already consume a lot of produce and you would like a quick easy way to get a nutrient boost, juicing will provide a compact form of nutrients that your body can quickly absorb and use. To reduce the impact on your blood sugar limit quantities of higher sugar produce such as fruits and carrots and focus on greens, grasses, celery, cucumber and lower sugar veggies.

There are many juicers and blenders available and choosing one can be difficult. When it comes to juicers, invest in a good masticating juicer. Centrifugal juicers can build up heat which will destroy some nutrients and they oxygenate the juice more than masticating juicers which will cause the juice to break down more quickly (shelf life is much shorter). Also my experience has been that the masticating juicer gets more juice out of the produce resulting in much drier pulp.

For recommendations on juicers check this page:

The main concern with blenders, on the other hand, is how well it can break the produce down into a smooth drinkable form. The Vitamix is the ultimate blender of choice, but is a bit pricey. My peers have told me you can accomplish a lot of what the Vitamix can do with the NutriBullet, just in smaller quantities. The Ninja is another that I’ve heard good things about. The number one thing I look for in a blender is a good blade assembly with blades set at a higher angle (not flat). A deeper angled blade will create better movement, and better blending.


Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Joe Cross embarks on a 60 day juice fast as he travels across the US. As he meets people along the way he spreads the word about the health benefits of juicing and the positive effects he is seeing both in his body and general wellbeing. He accomplishes his ultimate goals of reaching a healthy weight and curing the rare skin condition he had developed, eliminating his dependence on prescriptions for high doses of Predinazone. He is now off all meds and has had no recurrence of his skin condition.

Just as you think this story is over Joe is called upon to help someone in need. As he supports this man through his life transformation you see how the positivity shared by one man can ripple though to impact many. Truly, truly inspiring!

You can view the trailer at Joe’s website: